Have you ever wondered if you struggle with codependency -- or has someone told you that you might? Do you feel that someone else's needs are more important that your own? Do you feel like you don't have much of an opinion or voice? You may be struggling with codependency. Here is some more information about codependency. If you are unsure after reading this, let's talk! If you do struggle with codependency, let me help you feel whole -- and find yourself if you have been lost in the shuffle.


What is Codependency?


 Codependency is feeling responsible for another's emotions. Although everyone is responsible for their own actions and what they put into a relationship, they are not responsible for how another person chooses to react. When a person takes ownership of how another feels, it is easy for him/her to neglect self and his/her own needs. For this reason, codependency is a problematic behavioral pattern in relationships. It is rooted in trauma. Codependency most commonly happens in couple relationships.


Codependency commonly happens when one person in a couple relationship is struggling with an addiction (and is focusing on self) and the partner has a helping personality (focusing on trying to make the other happy). Neither set of behaviors is healthy. The problem is that neither individual is being responsible for  his/her self. The addict is not focused on healthy living or being responsible for his/her behaviors. The partner of the addict is not focused on healthy living of self, but rather distracted by focusing on his/her spouse. When an individual is responsible for him/herself, he/she can bring their best self to the relationship.


The good news is that codependency is treatable. Codependency can be treated in individual or couples counseling. If you think you may be struggle with codependency, let's talk.

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