No family functions perfectly. Sometimes we do what we think ought to work or what has worked in the past, but feel stuck or like someone else in our family is stuck. Family counseling can help you get unstuck; it is a way for you to come up with creative new solutions for your family in a safe environment. Let me help your family in your journey to find greater connection and happiness.


Following is a list of topics I address commonly in family counseling. This is not a comprehensive list of all challenges I work with. If you are struggling with a specific concern that's not listed below, please reach out to me to discuss my qualifications and ability to help you. Let's talk!


Also, read my handout on safeguarding the home, to help prevent pornography use or sexual addiction in your home. For more information, please contact me!


Issues Commonly Addressed in Family Counseling

Behavioral concerns of a family member


Trauma or Tragedy Impacting the Family




Addiction in the Family

Major Life Transitions




Parenting Concerns



More About Family Counseling

During a family session, we will meet to determine a counseling plan and specific goals you want to achieve in counseling.


In family counseling, all household family members, regardless of age, are invited to attend sessions. Very young children are encouraged to attend the first session, but are not required to follow subsequent sessions unless they are a key part of the problem. Family counseling may be brief or extended, depending on the nature and complexities of the problem, family resistance, and treatment goals.


In a family session, we will all work together to determine immediate goals during our time together and focus on addressing these goals. Each family member assists in identifying and changing problematic relationship patterns. Each family member also assists in identifying and changing self-defeating or negative beliefs about self or family members.


For answers to some commonly asked questions about counseling, see my FAQ page. For information about my background and training, see my bio. Please contact me with any questions, to meet me, and to schedule a family session. I look forward to meeting you!

define connection as the energy between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment, and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship.

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