Group therapy provides an environment where you can explore and share with others who struggle with similar issues. As you listen to other’s experiences, often insights will be triggered that would not be available in an individual or couple therapy setting. Additionally, you can see people who are at different places in their process of recovery, which can help you see your progress, as well as help you have hope in future success. Others in the group may be further along in some ways and experiencing successes you long to achieve.


Because sexual addictions are founded in attachment and intimacy disorders, group therapy is especially helpful because it provides an environment where you (whether you are the addict or the partner) can take risks and reach out in ways you normally would not be able to, with support. Group counseling offers a safe place to connect while minimizing the risk of judgment.


Most clients report that being in a group setting helps them feel less ashamed, not alone, and more hopeful. Following is a list of counseling groups available, in conjunction with Step Forward. If you would like to sign up for a group, or discuss how a group could benefit you, please reach out to me. Let's talk!

Counseling Groups

Beginning Male Sex Addiction Recovery


Beginning Female Sex Addiction Recovery


Advanced Male Sex Addiction Recovery


Advanced Female Sex Addiction Recovery


 Male Sex Addiction Group for Teens Recovery


Female Sex Addiction Groups for Teens Recovery


Male Partners of Sex & Love Addicts Recovery


Female Partners of Sex & Love Addicts Recovery


Early Recovery Couple Intensives


Middle Recovery Couple Intensives


Late Recovery Couple Intensives


Family Education and Support in Recovery


Group therapy consists of 6-8 members (on average) who struggle with similar issues and meet together regularly with a therapist. Groups meet together on a weekly basis for 1.5-2 hours. Groups are semi-closed, meaning that members make a commitment to the group, so that group membership stays fairly consistent unless a group member graduates, or a new member joins (with prior approval of the group and therapist). All groups are therapist-led. All groups are gender-specific (with the exception of couple intensives).


Each group meeting includes brief check-ins from each group member, a mixture of psychoeducation and processing, and weekly commitments from each group member related to recovery for the following week. Therapy-related assignments aimed to further recovery may be assigned to group members to complete between group meetings. Payment for group counseling is due at the beginning of the month.


Group therapy may be a great resource for you! Please call me with any questions or for more specifics about group counseling. Let's talk!

More About Group Counseling

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