Do you struggle with how you view yourself? Do you find yourself defining yourself based on how others view you? Do you want to be more comfortable in your own shoes or more confident? The beliefs that we hold about our own self-worth can hold us down. It can be difficult to recognize these negative beliefs, and even more difficult to change them. YOU are worthy of finding joy and peace, despite the hard challenges you are facing. LET’S TALK TODAY!

What is Self-Worth?

Many people struggle to know that they are a good person, worthy of love and belonging, or even if they even contribute to any good in the world. Although everybody hopes that others will approve of them and think well of them, those that tend to define themselves by what others think often struggle with feelings of low self-worth. People often find that their self-worth fluctuates throughout their lives. Although there are lots of factors that influence this phenomenon, one major influencing factor is when someone allows their self-worth to be defined by what others think, feel, or say.

A strong sense of self-worth won’t develop overnight. However, when you begin to believe that your worth is based on your intrinsic value as a person, your self-worth will begin to grow. This is self-compassion. You will begin to feel that YOU are good and worthy based solely on the fact that you believe that you are good and worthy. When you feel good about yourself it’s easier to feel good about others.

If you find yourself struggling with your own ability to know how important you are, reach out to me and let’s talk. I would love to help you develop your self-worth!


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