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What to Expect When You Are Expecting…To Start Therapy

“Psychotherapy can be one of the greatest and most rewarding adventures, it can bring with it the deepest feelings of personal worth, of purpose and richness in living.” ~ Eda Leshan In 2018, 56.7% of U.S. adults with a mental illness did not receive treatment. Maybe you are thinking about seeing a therapist…but you have […]

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The Leading Cause of Addiction Is Not What You Think

What causes addiction? Many would guess it is the substance or behavior itself and that one gets hooked to something by doing/using it repetitively.  For years, science agreed with this response, but current research has shown that almost everything we think we know about addiction is false.  I invite you to look at the bigger […]

7 Questions Your Therapist Doesn’t Want You to Ask

Seven Questions Your Therapist Doesn’t Want You to Ask

…but that the well-informed client will want to know Have you ever been asked an awkward question that you are unsure how to answer? Well, therapists get those all the time! So often, in fact, that I have spent time to compile my typical responses for when people are brave enough to ask.  I completely […]

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Choosing the Right Therapist for You

In last week’s post, I talked about 5 things I want my future clients to know. This week, I’d like to address how to choose the right therapist for you–an essential element in having a successful experience in therapy. The first two steps to choosing the right therapist for you are 1) being aware of […]