Are You Addicted to Your Phone?

When the topic of addiction arises, we often think of drugs, sex, alcohol or gambling.  What we neglect to see, however, is our own dependence on everyday things. Anderson Cooper did an incredibly interesting segment on 60 Minutes where he discussed how major companies are not creating programs for people, but instead programming people. Watching this made me think about how much time I spend on my phone. I realized that we are programm-able; the developers of major software companies…

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The Leading Cause of Addiction Is Not What You Think

What causes addiction? Many would guess it is the substance or behavior itself and that one gets hooked to something by doing/using it repetitively.  For years, science agreed with this response, but current research has shown that almost everything we think we know about addiction is false.  I invite you to look at the bigger picture, with me, to understand why our society is reaching for these substances and turning to these behaviors in the first place. It is not…

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Addiction 101: Analogy of the Driver’s Seat

What do you think of when you hear the word “addict”? Often when I ask this question, I hear responses like weak, lazy, broken, drunk, homeless, selfish, loser.   In my years of treating clients with varying addictions, I have realized that those struggling with addiction are largely misunderstood. I have learned words like resourceful, shame-based, creative, hard-working, tender-hearted, fearful, and powerless are more appropriate adjectives. Through my blog posts, I hope to remedy some of the misunderstandings around addicts and…

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