Month: July 2018

15 Minutes to a Happier You - Cluff Counseling - Denton Couples Therapist

15 Minutes to a Happier You

There are so many things all around us threatening to tear us down or make us feel less than we are. The dangers of comparison through social media is ever-present, and sometimes we just need to reconnect with who we really are. This post contains an activity you can download and complete at your leisure

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The Truth About Men & Depression - Cluff Counseling - Lewisville Therapist
Mental Health

The Truth About Men and Depression

Although women are more likely to attempt suicide due to depression, men are 4x more likely to succeed. This means that the suicide rate is 4 x greater in men than in women! I believe that talking about and raising awareness about men and depression will hopefully set in motion some necessary changes to our

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Love Languages - Living the Love Language of Physical Touch - Cluff Counseling - Denton Therapist

Love Languages: Living the Love Language of Physical Touch

“It’s not always about sex. Sometimes the best type of intimacy is where you just lay back, laugh together at the stupidest things, hold each other, and enjoy each other’s company.” -Anon When physical touch is referred to in a dating or marriage context, our minds go straight to the obvious: sex. But in actuality,

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How to Talk to Your Child About Porn, Part I - Cluff Counselingn - Lewisville Therapist

How to Talk to Your Child About Porn, Part I

“For some reason, we don’t talk very much to youth and children about one of the strongest urges and biggest temptations they will face. Our reluctance sets them up to be taught primarily by the internet, other children or teenagers, or even Hollywood.” -Joy D Jones Children are now learning to use electronic devices at

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