Month: May 2018

Teen Mental Health - Cluff Counseling, Carrollton Therapist
Mental Health

Teen Mental Health: Recognize It, Talk About It, Care For It

1 in 5 teens lives with a mental health condition and less than half are receiving the support he/she needs. The fear of discrimination and being viewed as different by their friends and peers is a large barrier to young people receiving mental health services. Learn the warning signs and be aware of your teen’s

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The Best Form of Self-care - Forgiveness - Cluff Counseling - Lewisville Therapist

The Best Form of Self-care: Forgiveness

Have you ever wondered why it is easier to forgive others than it is to forgive yourself? Unfortunately, there is no trick to learning to forgive oneself–it just takes time and patience. Even when we have learned how to offer forgiveness to others, forgiving ourselves is a difficult, yet crucial step we all must work

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Love Languages Showing Love Through Gifts - Cluff Counseling - Dallas Therapist

Love Languages: Showing Love Through Gifts

The Love Language of Receiving Gifts is likely the toughest love language to justify. Many people will see this Love Language as selfish or materialistic but it is not always the case. For people that have this Love Language, receiving gifts is a visible symbol for them to understand and believe that their partner truly

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When Addiction Raises Your Child - Cluff Counseling - Lewisville Therapist

When Addiction Raises Your Child

According to The US Department of Health and Human Services, more than 8.3 million children currently live in a household where at least one parent is addicted to alcohol or drugs. Do those children notice their parents’ addiction? How does it affect them? Addiction comes in all sizes and severities. There are addictions to substances

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