Are You Searching for Fulfillment?

Searching for Fulfillment | Marriage & Family TherapistSteve Jobs once said, “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” I have found that doing great work is never easy, but it is nearly always fulfilling. As a therapist for 10+ years, I can honestly say that I love my job. I readily admit I do not have all the answers and that my work constantly challenges me, but I find great satisfaction through being a therapist. Although I think being a therapist is pretty great, I am not naive to think it is the only thing out there that can bring fulfillment. What do you do that brings you fulfillment?  If you struggle with answering the question, please do not feel ashamed. You are not alone. Instead, ask yourself, “Where would I like to feel more fulfilled in life?” Common responses are careers and relationships. If those areas seem too daunting, simply start by asking yourself, “What can I do TODAY to begin to feel more fulfilled?” For further guidance, reach out to a counselor or friend.

In honor of Counseling Awareness Month, The Mighty features an article where counselors share their top reason for why they love what they do. These therapists are doing great work, and are finding immense fulfillment because of it. I could relate to many of their responses, and I want to share some of their words with you as an example of people who are fulfilled by what they do.  The overarching theme in these responses was healing; out of these 25 experienced therapists, 11 report that helping others heal and live better lives is what brings them fulfillment. While reading the responses below of these people (counselors) who are passionate about what they do, think about what you are passionate about and why you are passionate about it!

  1. “Rather than just feeling better, my focus is on helping clients live better.” —Deanna Kasper
  2. “I have the privilege of participating in the healing process. By leading people down the path of acceptance and forgiveness, they find meaning in their pain.” —Jennifer Bradley
  3. “Counseling is not just about helping people to solve their immediate problems; it’s about helping them to build a better future.” —Cindy Goehring
  4. “Healing is a combination of honoring strengths, empathizing with difficulties, and challenging someone to grow in spite of their obstacles.” —Cristina Andriani
  5. “It takes a tremendous amount of courage to commit to transformation. Let’s take the first step together.” —Alicia Zielinski Straub
  6. “Kintsukuroi: The art of repairing with the understanding that pieces are more beautiful for having been broken.” —Bill ‘Eli’ Owenby
  7. “I can help you learn how to relate to your struggles in new ways, so your thoughts and feelings have less impact and influence over you.” —Charlene Lenkart
  8. “You deserve an opportunity to write your story.” —Christina Vanchina
  9. “Re-framing thoughts and considering behavioral actions proactively are difficult feats. I can empower you with the tools you need to succeed.” —Morgan Rodgers
  10. “Once we are able to connect feelings of anger, fear, anxiety or depression to our grief and loss, the healing can begin.” —Lisa Simon
  11. “Everyone has a source of inner freedom. Counseling can help you find it.” —Margaryta Johnson

If you are looking to feel more fulfilled with your life, spend more of your time doing the things you love.  It really is that simple. Personally, I am passionate about being a marriage, addictions and trauma therapist. It motivates me to do my own work and follow my own counsel, and I enjoy getting to know people at their core level. As I said in my first post a few weeks ago, I find it sacred and rewarding to witness the personal transformations of my clients as they prepare to move on to the next phase of their life–healthier and more fulfilled. There is nothing quite like being a therapist… I love my job!

If you struggle with finding fulfillment in your life or in your relationships, please reach out to me.

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